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“Oakbank Area School is a holistic school of continual improvement where students, staff and the community work and learn together as partners to help everyone flourish and achieve. ”

Our Vision includes:


Wellbeing, academic achievement and attendance are of utmost importance. Positive Education is always an essential element of our core business. Equitable (Differentiated) and Multiple Learning Pathways are available to all students.


Decisions are based on student learning and well-being data. Oakbank Area School is a school of self–review, continually reflecting on our achievements with a goal of improvement.


All staff play an active role in the school including teachers, support staff and the leadership team.


Parents, support agencies, partnerships schools and AHSP play an integral part in our students’ lives.


Oakbank Area School has a strong focus on student challenge and effort.


All students are catered for: Reception to Year 13, Pre and Post school.


Everyone is expected to learn, staff and community included; we are inclusive of all relevant curricula.


We are collaborative and value the student voice. We provide integrated learning opportunities. Feedback is provided through multiple communication channels.


We strive for equity and are inclusive of all students Reception to Year 12 in our community including students from all backgrounds and abilities.


We will continue to thrive through a caring and family orientated environment.
We cater for Reception to Year 13 students