Kristen Bence, Middle (Year 7 – 9) School Leader

At the heart of our Middle School is the understanding that all students are individuals with the capacity to learn, achieve and succeed.

I have been an educator/leader for 15 years and have specialised in the latest classroom teaching and learning strategies, predominately with a literacy focus. Every journey is unique to the individual and I believe that it is a privilege to work with our students at this stage in their education. I encourage them to utilise their talents to develop a range of learning strategies, equipping them with the skills they need to move seamlessly into their future pathways in the senior years.

21st century curriculum has emphasised the need for students to develop the skills and capabilities for life-long learning. Student decision making and voice is a powerful tool that drives student engagement. We also understand that the most profound learning occurs when there is a positive relationship between teacher and student, which is my highest educational priority.

We are committed to working in partnership with parents, and our programs encourage students to develop their initiative and positive growth mindset. All staff within the Middle School are effectively supporting students in their daily routine with genuine care and concern. The outcome is a middle school culture where students are being positioned as drivers for their own success.